Foxes are pretty cool creatures. They are playful, fast, smart, and curious, but when they are babies that have found themselves orphaned, safety is now a matter. Like any baby wildlife left alone because their mother was killed or were separated while traveling, fox cubs too need a little care for a little while.

It was not mentioned how the two little foxes came to live with the family and their dog Romi. However, it is known that Romi took to the baby foxes quickly and easily, caring for them as she would her own puppies. Watch the video and see for yourself! The foxes have since found their way back into nature, which is a good thing.

“Living with two foxes around has changed my stereotype on them a lot. They can be probably cunning as many different stories, from all different culture say but, they can be so lovely as well,” said Gill Yi on YouTube. “I hope the female one, Jashi (nickname for a fox in Korean) can be near us for a long time, happily ever after…”

Image source: Funk Dooby/Flickr