It would be so awesome to know what animals dream about when they hit the Zs. Until a dream viewing machine is invented, all we can do is take a wild guess, judging by their twitching, sleep running motions, and the cute little sounds they make.

Beloved furry family member or rescued wild creature, it is all entertaining when it comes to watching them explore dreamland, especially any and all baby animals. And oh my goodness, baby animals are just so dang cute!

Little fox cubs have been known to find themselves in sticky situations, such as getting their head stuck in a can or becoming tangled in chain-link fences. I wonder what the tiny fox in this video is getting into as he sleeps like a champ. I’m going to toss in a guess that he started out chasing a butterfly, then ended with rolling around happily in a field of white and yellow daisies!

Image source: Funk Dooby/Flickr