Your car broke down and you need to be rescued. You’re sick and really need someone to get you meds from the store. Your dog has an itch he can’t reach and needs you to scratch it for him. Admit it, we all need a little help sometimes!

Same goes for wildlife when an animal finds itself in a pickle with help usually coming in the form of human beings. We’ve read about rescued bears, baby elephants needing help, even the rescue of a baby wallaby, all wildlife receiving a helping hand. But what about wildlife in your own backyard?

One such backyard animal that’s always seemingly agile, quick, able to hold their own is the all-mighty and fuzzy squirrel — but sometimes these little creatures do need our help. Watch as this adorable rescued baby squirrel drinks from a feeding bottle at City Wildlife, a wild animal rescue center in Washington, D.C. Looks like this baby’s got a healthy appetite!

Image source: Isa Sorensen/Flickr