Some Green Monsters might remember the story of Lola, a pig who was given to a high school student named Bruno Barba earlier this year. She was destined to be slaughtered for her meat as part of his school’s Future Farmers of America program. However, the more Barba got to know this sweet pig, the less he wanted to sell her for slaughter at the end of the program. With the help of Farm Sanctuary, he arranged to have her transferred to their shelter in Orland, California, where she could live out the rest of her days in peace, rather than facing a premature death.

And now, Farm Sanctuary posted an update on Twitter, showing us what a great life Lola is now experiencing. It is wonderful to know that she never had to go through the shock and horror of being sent to her death by someone she had come to know and trust – as happens to many animals who are given to high school students as part of animal husbandry projects such as Future Farmers of America. Instead, she has been granted the gift of being loved and cared for by humans who understand her worth as a living being.


Rolling hills, shrubbery to munch on, and a big smile! Could there be anything better?

Adorable Pig Rescued by High Schooler is Now Enjoying the Sweet Life!




Farm Sanctuary said, “Bruno recognized that (Lola) was someone, not something. More than that, she was his friend. There was no way he could send her to death. … Thanks to one student who chose to learn that a pig’s life is precious, not disposable, Lola now has a wonderful life ahead of her – and the chance to teach countless others that important lesson.”


It just goes to show that when pigs are given the chance to express just how amazing, intelligent, and playful they really are, only the most cold-hearted person could resist falling in love with them! Let’s hope that Lola has many more years of stress-free living ahead of her.

Image source: Farm Sanctuary/Twitter