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Some people have mid-life crises, decide to take on a whole new identity, and go crazy trying to recapture their youth…well, here we have an identity crisis of another sort.

Meet Virginia, a 10-month-old pig from Colorado, who thinks she is a dog. Virginia is not an only pet in her home in Colorado, but was adopted into a family of boxers. So naturally, she has learned to fit in seamlessly, by thinking like a dog.

According to her guardian, Virginia doesn’t even realize she isn’t a dog. And why should she? To her pet-parents, she is just another pet who loves to cuddle and play just as much as her real-dog counterparts.

While we often only think of pigs as livestock or farm animals, pigs are actually some of the most dynamic and intelligent animals around. Virginia’s guardian believes this little piggy is actually “smarter” than her dog brothers and sisters, “she learned to use their dog door before they did, and she was very easy to potty train as well.”

We believe it! She certainly blends right in! Check out these photos of Virginia and her boxer siblings:

Can you spot the pig?


Just some dogs snoozing…or is that a snout I see…


Care to join the dog pile?


Where do I get one of those cool hats?



Lead image source: Imgur