Every animal who comes into Edgar’s Misson has their own special story. Sweetini’s story started when she was attacked by a predator early on in her life. Fortunately, the lamb was rescued and received all the best care she could possibly get from the sanctuary staff and a team of specialized veterinarians. Sweetini’s condition was critical, and now she is still fighting for her life, but she has the priceless help of people who are determined to give her a second chance at a life.

Sweetini was suffering from bronchopneumonia, a result of extensive infection. Her external injuries were flushed and dressed, she was given antibiotics and put on ongoing medication. It was clear that the fight would be difficult, but the lamb already had a whole team of wonderful people behind her, doing their best to help.


According to the latest update from Sweetini’s carers, the lamb was admitted into the hospital once again due to her injuries. The bite wound in her skull which reaches her sinus is currently of the most concern. But, in spite of her alarming condition, Sweetini keeps giving everyone hope that there will be a happy ending to her story – she happily drinks from a bottle and enjoys exploring her new home.

“Whilst Sweetini is still with us, her life currently hangs in the balance and we are still doing all in our power to help this sweet girl overcome the infections raging through her tiny body,” her caretakers write. The sanctuary team is especially thankful to everyone who is able to support Sweetini and make it possible for the sanctuary to provide her with the best medical care.

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All image source: Edgar’s Mission/Facebook