Growing up with a sibling can be a wonderful experience for a little kid — but we would have to argue that growing up with a dog might be even better. When older siblings pinch and poke, dogs lick and love. We don’t know about you, but we would happily trade the “playful” bruises we got from our older siblings for a happy snuggle session with our dogs.

The snuggle perks aside, studies show that kids who grow up with dogs also tend to have higher immune systems and be more sociable. Not to mention, they get a loyal best friend for life!

The little girl in this video is already learning all the amazing benefits that come with having a dog best friend. Even a casual chill session on the couch can turn into an afternoon of laughs with a pup by your side!

Watching these two cuddle and play will absolutely melt your heart. We can only imagine all the wonderful adventures yet to come!