When a couple found Primrose the lamb on the side of a busy highway, they reached out to the local council, RSPCA, the police, and other government animal welfare organizations, but because Primrose is a farm animal, she was denied the help that she desperately needed. Thankfully, their search for help lead them to Edgar’s Mission, a sanctuary for farm animals located in Australia. In the safety of their grounds, volunteers were able to give Primrose the care that she so desperately needed.

A couple on their way to the hardware store postponed their trip when they found a little lamb in bad shape on the side of a busy highway.

The couple reached out to many groups, including the police and the RSPCA, in order to find somebody who could help her. Every one of them turned Primrose away, simply because she was born as a farm animal.

Luckily, they found Edgar’s Mission, the perfect place for a little lamb like Primrose. 

In light of how hard to find somebody who would take in Primrose, Edgar’s Mission asks a heavy question: “So what exactly happens to animals like Primrose and the people who come by them?”

Now among other rescued farm animals and humans who love her, never again will Primrose’s fate be in question. At Edgar’s Mission, she and all farm animals are safe. 

A broken front leg and other wounds indicate that she was snatched away by a bird of prey, then dropped. A traumatizing experience for a lamb to go through, but her past is now behind her. 

Edgar’s Mission is grateful that they were able to help her — and we’re grateful to them for all of the tireless hours spent dedicated to making life better for animals like Primrose. 

It’s a sad reality that many animals like Primrose are subject to a life that’s less than decent because of the species that they are born into. Thankfully, there are humans like the ones at Edgar’s Mission who are dedicated to making a change for animals. To learn more about Edgar’s Mission and their resident animals, visit their official website.


All image source: Edgar’s Mission