We often underestimate the compassionate capacity of animals, but this video proves that there is no shortage of empathy or kindness in the animal kingdom.

When a mother sheep gave birth to twin lambs in the middle of a cold night in Uruguay, this happy event took a turn for the tragic as one of the babies didn’t make it. The surviving lamb was left exposed to the elements and when the sheep’s caretaker, Felipe Germán, discovered the ewe and the lamb in the morning, the baby was barely holding on. In an attempt to revive the newborn, Germán brought him inside and set him in front of the fire. Upon seeing the lamb, Dino, Germán’s Border Collie wasted no time in coming to lend a hand. Or rather a paw…


Dino spent hours licking the baby which helped to stimulate blood flow – and sure enough, it worked! The baby is now up and walking around with his mom, good as new! Germán says that he has no plans to sell this miracle baby, but will keep him on the farm to live out his life in the company of his Border Collie hero.