Let’s get ready to rumble! In one corner, we have a small grey kitten weighing in at less than ten pounds. In the opposite corner, we have a small orange kitten of about the same weight and height. These two will go head-to-head today, folks, and you can witness the finest that KWF has to offer (Kitten Wrestling Federation, Inc, of course). Who will be victorious? Watch this video and find out!

Round one seems pretty fair, but as the fight goes on, the grey kitten steps out of bounds. Aw, kitten, why’d you have to go and take points away from yourself? That’s a penalty. But once he gets back into the ring, the two felines go at it for the final round. Our verdict: orange kitten for the win!


This is surely the most adorable match we’ve ever seen. For more cute fights, see Hilarious! Kittens vs. Tissue Boxes and Feline Father Gives Kittens a Fighting Lesson.