With Father’s Day coming up, it’s time to reminisce about all the things our dads taught us when we were growing up. In a certain era, it was common for fathers to show their kids how to throw a few punches to fend off aggressors. Though anti-bullying policies have phased that out to some extent, it looks like this old-fashioned tom cat is carrying on the tradition.

Father cats are rarely present, let alone involved in raising their children, but this one is obviously an exception. Watch the video to see how this handsome tom reacts to his two babies having a play fight. It’s not exactly clear what he’s trying to accomplish — is he demonstrating moves, attempting to break up an intense scuffle, or spazzing out with concern for his offspring? What do you think? Whatever he did, it seems to have worked, and his kittens are calm and separated in the end.


 Image source: Tommy Hemmert Olesen/Flickr