5 Eco-Vegan Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Father’s Day, Sunday June 17th, celebrate dad with eco-vegan gifts that also give back to Mother Earth.

1. Give the tech-savvy guy an environmentally friendly gadget with the eco-amp from Eco-made, $7.99. The eco-amp is an iPhone speaker amplifier made of 100% post-consumer recycled fibers constructed through 100% green electricity. This green device allows you to easily amplify sound wherever you are for a more lively listening experience.


2. CoolCorC’s Bi-Fold Wallet made from durable cork and cloth fabric is the perfect gift for any dad with a minimalist style at $35. The wallet features space for bills and four pockets for your business, ID and credit cards yet has a slim design. Read more about these durable wallets from our review here.

3. RockAppleWood is a line of iPhone, iTouch, and iPad docking stations handcrafted from local reclaimed, fallen, and repurposed wood. The docking stations range from $50 to $600 and come in a wide variety of unique shapes (like logs, branches, and even golf clubs) and configurations to dock your assortment of electronic devices. This would be a perfect gift in time for Father’s Day since their docks are ready to ship the same day you place your order, along with free gift wrapping for a limited time.

4. Bulldog Skin Care answers the call for an environmentally friendly and vegan skincare line is made for men’s needs.  The line includes moisturizers, facial cleansers, and shaving gels and balms, all reasonable priced and even available in bundled sets perfect for Father’s Day. Their products are packed with essential oils and natural ingredients like green tea extract yet free of harmful chemicals like parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances.

5. Sprout eco-friendly watches, from $30 to $75, come in a wide variety of colors and styles with sustainable materials like bamboo dials, organic cotton bands, and biodegradable corn resin bracelets.  They strive to stay green in their business practices too, shipping items in recyclable and recycled material in smaller containers that reduce paper use. This gift idea gives back to the Earth in more ways than one because every watch sold on their site is matched with a trees planted by their partners Trees for the Future.