If you’re looking to add a kitten to your family, you hop in the car and head off to your local animal shelter to adopt one of the millions waiting for their forever home. But in the case of this couple, a trip to the local animal shelter wasn’t even needed – a needy kitten just sat and waited for them under a car in their neighborhood!

As Imgur user YouCutitOut explained, her husband was doing yard work and heard meowing nearby. He followed the mews and all of a sudden, a tiny fluff ball attacked his shoes!


With a mother cat nowhere in sight, the couple took the little one door to door but no one was missing a kitten. “We don’t have a kitten, is this how you get a kitten?” YouCutitOut said on the Imgur post. The couple certainly wasn’t going to leave the little one outside, so they brought her inside for a much-needed meal. The kitten scarfed down the food, probably the first decent meal they had in days.

The baby continued to eat and loved to snuggle up in the couple’s arms. “After a few days we discovered that she is extremely photogenic,” Imgur user YouCutitOut aptly points out. The kitten continued to thrive thanks to the couple’s generosity. She loved to attack their feet (perhaps nostalgic for how she met her new people!), she loved to play and then cuddle up for a quiet nap.

The couple never thought they would adopt a kitten this way, but hey, sometimes the animals are the ones that rescue us!


While this story is certainly adorable, it also is a reminder of how we can help end the pet homelessness problem. 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized every day due to shelter overcrowding and limited funds, but we can all help stop this. Saving one animal may not solve the pet homelessness problem for good, but for that one animal, their life is changed forever. If you’re thinking of adding a loyal best friend to your family, please remember to always adopt and never shop.

If you happen to come across a dog or cat, or any other animal in need, check out these Animal Rescue Hotlines!

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Image Source: YouCutitOut/Imgur