Life can be full of pleasant surprises. Like when you run into the store for dog food and end up rescuing a cat! Okay, so maybe this doesn’t happen every day – but it did when Imgur user FlashyPurplePatches and her husband visited Petsmart last spring.

Apparently, a small kitten named Cashew was brought to Petsmart when she was only two weeks old. FlashyPurplePatches explains, ” I heard Cashew crying from the back of the store and bolted to the front. This couple had her in a black plastic bowl covered in a wet, filthy towel, and were trying to get someone to take her. The employees all had shocked looks on their faces. I snatched her out of the bowl, turned to my husband, and said I wasn’t leaving her there. Cashew was infested with fleas, matted with filth, her eye was infected, and she shivered uncontrollably. She stopped crying the instant I pressed her to my chest.”


Perhaps it was the sound of mother’s heartbeat that soothed this poor kitten to sleep. Or, perhaps some kitties are just made for cuddles!

It looks like even the dog wants to snuggle with Cashew the cutie!

She writes,”Fortunately, my other cat Peanut stepped up and taught her how to cat. Unfortunately, she learned all of Peanut’s bad habits. But she’s well adjusted and very playful, and doesn’t have any developmental issues. She’s just an adorable little psycho.”

A few months later, Cashew is now a full-sized snuggle bug.

Even with all of this love and attention, sweet Cashew just can’t get enough!

Who would have thought that the scared little kitten in the basket would grow up to be such a gorgeous cat?



By opening her home and her heart to an animal in need, this woman brought even more love into her happy home, proving that kindness really is its own reward.

All image source: Imgur