On Palm Sunday in 2011, the O’Rourke family found two baby bunnies alone and weak in their Tucson, Ariz., backyard. Instead of hopping around the garden, one bunny, named Joe, would drag his legs behind him. The family realized he was a paraplegic, and this is probably why the mother abandoned them.

Joe could still play with his brother, but dragging his legs everywhere could rub them raw and leave them open to infection. To make things easier for the bunny, the family designed and built a cute little wheelchair to elevate and protect his legs in style.


The O’Rourkes took the bunnies to a wildlife center after nursing them back to health.

These baby bunnies are mighty cute, but with Easter coming up, remember they aren’t toys to be bought on a whim. Rabbits need nearly as much maintenance as dogs, and can live up to 10 years. If you’re ready for the responsibility, there are lots of rabbits in animal shelters waiting to be rescued!