Let’s face it, as cute as cats can be, sometimes they can be pretty big jerks. Nothing describes how cats can be jerks better than the strange, yet entreating song “Jerk Cat.” To make it even better, this hilarious song is accompanied by the funniest video compilation of cats being, well, jerks.

Unlike many songs that are made to be funny, this one actually has some good music behind it and it’s pretty bearable to the ears. The lyrics are hilarious too and any cat owner will find at least one jerk thing their own cat has done that has made it into the song.


So watch out because the “Jerk Cat” will “punch your baby in the face” and treat their “guardians like servants” but, by the end of the song, you’ll be cracking up in laughter and still love your own little “Jerk Cat” who’s waiting for you at home.