Two years ago, director, writer, and producer James Cameron decided to go vegan to save the planet.

“The single biggest thing that an individual can do to combat climate change is to stop eating animals because of the huge carbon footprint of animal agriculture,” said Cameron.


Recently, Cameron credits his youthful energy and healthier appearance with his vegan lifestyle, during a Reddit Q&A. He feels like he’s “set the clock back 15 years.”

The director is among other A-listers who have made the switch to a plant-based diet, including former president Bill Clinton and, more recently, actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Like Jackson, Cameron looks and probably feels a lot younger for his age. Jackson, for example, is still trying to finish up his 9-picture Marvel deal at the age of 65 on a plant-based diet!

And so, Cameron goes to show you that everyone, even A-listers like Clinton and Jackson, can be plant-powered strong!


When asked what was his ideal sandwich, Cameron answered, “I would say probably something with a lot of tomatoes and avocados in it. Maybe some grilled vegetables. Mushrooms are good.”

That sounds like the perfect sandwich in our book! Cameron is a shining example of what and how it feels to live plant-powered.

Lead Image Source: Mikhail Popov/Wikimedia Commons