Guardians of Rescue is a non-profit organization based in New York whose mission, “is to facilitate and foster programs and activities that further the uniquely symbiotic and therapeutic benefits of interaction between people and animals.” In other words, the staff and volunteers of Guardians of Rescue are our heroes. And this story proves how Guardians of Rescue are truly unsung rock stars who go above and beyond when an animal is in need. 

When an experienced member of the Guardian’s rescue team learned about Tito the abused dog, she did all she could to help him. She contacted several organizations, but no one would help. She ended putting her life on the line to get Tito out of the awful conditions he was living in.


Guardians of Rescue got a call alerting them Tito was living in a warehouse. The details of Tito’s condition were alarming, but the team wasn’t prepared for the reality of Tito’s case. 


The team quickly got Tito immediate medical attention from Dr. Moose, who was on site with a mobile vet clinic and was ready to help. He was fed only kibble, which according to Guardians of Rescue, with his badly infected teeth and extreme ear infections, it was so difficult and painful for him to even eat.


Tito’s was callously used for breeding and he was forced to do so under these conditions. But we know Tito’s real purpose: to be loved. 


How could someone be so cruel to an animal?! We are so thankful Guardians of Rescue stepped in to help this sweet boy. Now have years of neglect, Tito is now receiving the attention he deserves




If you would like to help cover Tito’s medical expenses and to help Guardians of Rescue give other dogs just like Tito a second chance at life, you can make a donation here. While Guardians of Rescue are heroes, you can also be a hero for animals. Simply by volunteering at your local animal shelter, you can make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. And please, always adopt and never shop!

Image Source: Guardians of Rescue/Facebook