Chipotle lovers around the country will need to scrape a few more coins from the bottom of their wallets soon – but it’s all for good reason, if you’re at all concerned with consuming GMO foods while eating out.


After recently reporting their third-quarter earnings, CEO and Founder Steve Ells said that a three to five percent price increase on Chipotle food goodies may be on its way as soon as next year. The actual price increase will depend on general ingredient inflation and “then what it costs us to remove GMOs from the rest of our ingredients,” Ells stated.

Ells also said that once he knows how much it will cost to remove GMOs from its food altogether, as well as the time it might take to do so, they will  “feel better about coordinating a price increase around the time that [they’re] removing GMOs.”

”We think it will be a pretty exciting time for us when we can announce that,” said Ells.

Chipotle is quickly becoming known for its stance and initiatives toward a healthier food supply, including its move to offer organic and vegan tofu sofritas and its film/game “The Scarecrow,” which aimed to help people learn more about the benefits of “real food” versus the processed stuff.


The company is also one of the first U.S. restaurants to voluntarily label their ingredients that contain GMOs (found on Chipotle’s ingredients statement here). On this same note, Chipotle explains its goal to “eliminate GMOs from Chipotle’s ingredients.” Chipotle’s web site also explains how the restaurant’s fryers have been switched from soybean to sunflower oil. Because sunflowers have not yet been genetically modified. Its oil is a “great non-GMO alternative.”

Considering the lack of this kind of transparency in many other restaurant chains in the U.S., Chipotle is at the forefront of a commercial restaurant revolution. The few cents from a three to five percent price increase at Chipotle will likely be a welcome sacrifice for its patrons in the name of safer, healthier food.