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When will people ever learn?! Robert Meilhammer of Crapo, Maryland was recently knocked unconscious after he was struck in the head by a dead Canada goose that fell from the sky. Oh, and get this … the dead bird was shot by Meilhammer’s fellow hunting party. After falling about 90 feet, the bird struck Meilhammer, who was knocked out instantly and has suffered head and facial injuries. EMS responders called Meilhammer’s head injury “severe” and noted that two of his teeth had been knocked out as a result.

While we are certainly glad that it seems Meilhammer will recover, we have to ask ourselves if the “thrill of the hunt” is really worth risking your own life – while deliberately taking others. What’s even more tragic about this situation is knowing just how emotionally complex geese are. Many geese will form crèches, bird colonies where adult geese help raise the goslings. What’s more, if a goose’s life-long partner dies, a goose will go through the mourning process where they lose weight, separate from their flock, and submit to other geese. Eventually, the goose will find another mate, typically one who has also lost its partner. Geese, like all animals, want to live a life free from harm.

While many defend shooting geese as a means of controlling geese populations, there are better, more sustainable ways. The birds can, for example, be scared off by audio or visual stimuli or gadgets like “The Goosinator”, so that they decide to leave a particular area on their own accord.

Instead of going to shoot innocent animals, take a trip to appreciate the animals in their natural state. You can also support your local wildlife rehabilitation center who are working towards conservation of these amazing animals, instead of killing them.

Image Source: Didgeman/Pixabay

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14 comments on “Hunter Gets Knocked Unconscious and Loses 2 Teeth as Dead Goose Gets His Revenge”

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Christine Smith
8 Months Ago

Too bad it didn\'t kill his STUPID ASS!!!!!!!!!! Poor goose. RIP!!!!

Jovy Jergens
8 Months Ago

Justice rears its righteous head! Can there be any lower form of bottom feeder than "hunters"?

8 Months Ago

Another serial killer reaps what he sows!

8 Months Ago


Gianna Macias
8 Months Ago

Too bad he was not killed, he deserves it, as well as his criminal "buddy".

Seth Tyrssen
8 Months Ago

This world is a savage garden -- get over it. And it may have a lot less to do with "the thrill of the hunt" than actually providing your own food. If you\'re going to be a carnivore, hunt it yourself. Stop punking out and buying the unidentifiable, nicely-wrapped packages of meat at the store; I went vegetarian not because I have anything against being carnivorous, but because I have a great deal against the animal cruelty industry that passes for a "food industry." ALL life is sentient, to its own degree. A potato screams just before it gets dropped into a pot of boiling water (see the old book, "The Secret Life of Plants.") So if you think being vegetarian or vegan is "less cruel," surprise. The plants don\'t like being devoured any more than the animals do, but as I said in the beginning, this world is (to use Anne Rice\'s perfect phrase) a "savage garden."

mireille morritt
8 Months Ago

he was lucky he only lost 2 teeth, i am thrilled that he got hurt.
he deserved it. it is not an eye for an eye but 2 teeth. well done lovely goose rest in peace

8 Months Ago

I guess I am not as noice as the people at OGP because I wish he had died too.

8 Months Ago

The best story I\'ve read today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Months Ago

Not sorry......for the hunter that is,


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