We have some exciting news to share in the fight to end the cruel dog meat trade! Over a hundred restaurants in China have been ordered to either close or stop selling dog meat because of the illegality in their business dealings, thanks to the non-profit rescue group, Animals Asia.

A 2015 Animals Asia investigation revealed the scale of illegality in the dog meat trade, allowing a new tactic to end the consumption of dogs and cats. The investigation showed that many dogs are poisoned when stolen from their homes or snatched from the streets, and therefore the dogs have no proof of origin or vaccination histories, which is required by law.

Animal Asia has since reported 1,039 dog meat restaurants in 52 cities across China that were suspected on illegality. 150 government departments responded with 72 percent of the cases being accepted. And as a result, 126 have been ordered to close or stop selling dog meat! 

Animals Asia

Animals Asia CEO, Jill Robinson said, “This is real progress. For so long most authorities have been turning a blind eye to the illegal transports, the lack of paperwork and the health risks of poisoned meat. But now we must congratulate them for taking these cases seriously, following through and upholding China’s laws.”

Even though Animals Asia campaign tactic has met opposition, with some government departments unwilling to take up cases, particularly in regions where dog meat eating is more common, there is hope. Animals Asia’s investigation found no evidence of any large-scale dog breeding facilities, with the rescue group suspecting that most of the dogs are obtained illegally. The investigation also found that every stage of the industry supply chain features illegality in order to boost profits, which suggests that if laws were upheld, the industry would be unable to continue at its current scale.

Animals Asia has also been working with local groups, sharing the information that they need to shut down dog meat sellers. “It is time-consuming to gather the evidence, file the reports and then do all the follow-up, but the results speak for themselves – so much cruelty has been ended because of this – and by sharing the information we can do even more,” said Irene Feng, Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare Director.

It’s important we continue to keep the momentum going to end this horrific industry. With over 10 million dogs believed to be slaughtered for their meat in China annually, we can’t slow down. Animals Asia is encouraging people to sign a letter in support of the dedicated citizens in China tirelessly fighting to end the dog meat trade. The letter will go directly to the Chinese government and will show that thousands of people around the globe stand with the animals lovers in China in calling for a ban.

To read the full letter and to lend your support, please click here. And be sure to send this post to everyone you know. We are one step closer to the dog meat trade being a thing of the past.

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Lead image source: Diplomatic Press/Flickr