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Since the release of the 2013 documentary “Blackfish,” which exposed SeaWorld and orca captivity for what it truly is, SeaWorld has been provided with a number of opportunities to “come clean,” so to speak.

The team behind “Blackfish,” along with the Oceanic Preservation Society (makers of “The Cove”), challenged SeaWorld to a public debate on the topic of captivity and their practices. Not surprisingly, SeaWorld quickly wimped out of the opportunity.

Not long after, PETA, working as a company shareholder, requested that SeaWorld begin a discussion about opening coastal sanctuaries for its orcas so that they can be retired. Again, SeaWorld refused.

Instead, SeaWorld has put out a “Blackfish” smear campaign with video ads and open letters from “animal advocates” in an attempt to mitigate the film’s threat to its highly profitable entertainment parks.

Thankfully, real animal advocates are not backing down. Former SeaWorld trainer Jeffrey Ventre recently put up a video showing how SeaWorld twists scientific papers in order to back up its captivity practices and trick the public.

In the video, available for viewing below, Ventre explains, with the help of Dr. Ingrid Visser, how SeaWorld has taken Dr. Visser’s paper on dorsal fin abnormalities in a small population of New Zealand male orcas and twisted the information so it appears that dorsal fin collapse – a condition considered almost exclusive to captive orcas  – is actually “normal” and appears in 23 percent of wild orcas.

However, as Ventre and Dr. Visser clearly show, this is far from the truth. Hit play and watch as they expose SeaWorld’s lie.