Listen up, people. See this super adorable baby orangutan? See his cute lil’ pout? And that hair? That hair! Blowing in wind. All innocent and cute. Well, if we humans don’t do something about deforestation and palm oil in the next fifteen years, this cutie and her family will no longer exist.


You heard that right: according to a new study, if we continue to wipe out our forests at our current rate, Sumatran orangutans may vanish. While there was recent news that the orangutan population is actually double the rate scientists had previously thought – hooray! – that number could mean nothing in fifteen years if we don’t stop our harmful deforestation.

So what’s causing the orangutan’s potential extinction? Two words: palm oil. This oil, found in everything from your snacks to you face wash, is in high demand by consumers all over the world, and many of us aren’t even aware of the consequences. For example, every minute, an area the size of five football fields is cleared on the Indonesian island of Sumatra to make way for plantations. Being that orangutans are an arboreal species, they are dependent on the lush rainforest environment for their livelihood. Tragically, over 80 percent of their habitat has been destroyed in the past two decades alone, primarily because of  palm oil production.

We’ve got to save this poor orangutan from extinction, and luckily, by changing some of our habits and demanding change from big palm oil corporations, we might be able to stop this before it’s too late.

How Can You Help This Adorable Baby Orangutan?

  • Learn how to cut palm oil out of your life by clicking here.


  • Support organizations working on the ground to protect the orangutan’s native environment.

  • Check out the work of these organizations that specialize in the rescue and rehabilitation of orangutans.

  • Share this article and raise awareness!

Image source: Christopher Chan