“Is anyone missing this guy?” The Oxford, Ohio, Division of Police asked in a Facebook post introducing one of the officers’ new friend, a white-and-orange kitty who had decided to hang out in the police car. Once he was inside, the cat did not even dream of leaving his new post and, as it soon turned out, his confidence led him to a very happy ending in a new home!

The resolute cat jumped into the open police car window when Officer Butler was checking on a local church. Not wasting any time, the kitty demanded attention and snuggles from the very first moment.

He was extremely friendly and loving – and made it very clear that he would not be leaving the warm car and his new human friend anytime soon.

With all his charm, the kitty got what he wanted. The officer decided to foster the determined cat for a few days instead of returning him to the streets…

It didn’t take long at all for the sweet adamant kitty to find his forever home.

“The cat that adopted Officer Butler by jumping in his cruiser has found a new home. Thank you, Shelby!” the Division reported.


This little cat has taken his life in his own paws – and, thanks to his unusual initiative and his uniformed friend’s help, he found a loving guardian in no time. Now, he will have all a cat needs to be happy – including all of the attention he so much needs!

All image source: City of Oxford, Ohio – Division of Police/Facebook