When it comes to adoption, the older the dog, the harder it is for them to find a new home. It is no secret that most people gravitate towards puppies and young dogs when choosing their new four-pawed friend – which makes it important to remember that senior dogs want and deserve a happy life just the same. Hilary Duff and her boyfriend Matthew Koma have just helped the case for adopting senior pups by bringing one home themselves!

The actress announced the news on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself and Koma with their new friend adopted from the Los Angeles-based Love Leo Rescue.


Although we do not know how old Lucy is, the couple’s new pup is visibly a little grey around the face already. We certainly hope that this endorsement helps senior pups everywhere get a better shot at finding their forever home!

Senior dogs are just as wonderful companions as younger animals. Their adoption is, in many cases, a more suitable fit for many families as they are already house-trained and don’t have the bursting with energy, destructive nature puppies have. Sadly, older dogs are often completely overlooked at shelters and may spend the rest of their lives without a real home. Rescuing a senior dog and giving them a happy comfortable future full of love will completely change their life – and we’re sure they will return the favor with all of their unconditional love!

Image source: Hilary Duff/Instagram