Dogs may be absolutely adorable, but that doesn’t stop them from going full-fledged awkward the second they fall asleep. But, who can blame these pups for just trying to get comfortable – especially after a long weekend filled with chasing frisbees and eating treats. Even dogs get the start of the work week blues.

This hilarious video shows off the least comfortable (or maybe most comfortable … who are we to judge?) sleeping positions of dogs. Some prefer to do complete backward bends over the edge of their dog beds while others opt for the twisted on the couch cushions option instead.

Whatever position these passed out pooches enjoy, we have to admit – we’re happy this happened! We mean, Pugs who sleep paws up, Bulldogs who just want a few blankets before bedtime – how cute! Besides, perhaps these dogs can teach us a thing or two about a yoga and nap mash-up. Who knows? It may just be the most comfortable sleep you’ve ever had.