While walking the streets of Rishikesh, India, the rescuers from Guardians of the Voiceless came across an extraordinary pair – Baba Gulab Singh, and his beloved dog and best friend Tiger. When the Guardians spotted the beautiful dog, they stopped by to say hello. But when they petted Tiger, it became clear there was something wrong – he had a very large tumor on the side of his stomach. The rescuers could not possibly leave the two friends alone in need and they are now determined to do everything they can to help them.

Gulab shared with the Guardians that he had been to a hospital with his precious dog, but he could not afford the expenses that the vet care would bring.

The man, greatly distressed about his dog’s condition, also had no place to live and told the rescuers he was sleeping on the train station with Tiger, the two keeping each other warm …

Tiger was wearing a special sweater that his caretaker made for him so he would be comfortable and warm.

The team knew right away that they had to help the man and his little friend. They contacted Dr. Bisth who agreed to help. An appointment to drain the tumor and make a further evaluation was made for the very next day.

“After talking to Baba waiting for Dr. Bisth, we realized what a beautiful man he is, so humble and so loving towards all beings,” the Guardians wrote. They bought him a warm meal and shared it  together, as Baba told them “all animals in the streets were his best friends!”

Tiger got the help he needed and will receive next steps for treatment soon.



The rescuers did not hesitate before committing to doing everything in their power to help the special dog and his equally special carer and best friend. “We are beyond grateful to be able to serve Tiger and to help Baba feel better as he is very concern[ed] for the life of his best friend!” they wrote.

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All image source: Guardians of the Voiceless/Facebook