Watching an animal in despair can be unbearable for animal lovers, especially when you know that animal’s chances of adoption are low. Hercules is a young Pit Bull mix who arrived at Miami-Dade Animal Services, a high-kill shelter, on August 4th. In this heartbreaking video, Hercules looks positively hopeless and despondent as he sits slumped in his cage. It’s as if he knows that his days are numbered at the shelter and that he may never see a life outside of his tiny cage.

Unfortunately for Hercules, there is a tremendous stigma that Pit Bulls are aggressive, violent, and dangerous dogs by nature, which is simply untrue. Pit Bulls gets such a bad rep because they have been a symbol of dog fighting and incorporated into gang violence for many years. Because they are incredibly intelligent and loyal dogs, they were a desirable target to exploit for these nefarious acts. However, just like any breed, the behavior of these dogs is completely dependent on how they are raised and trained and if they can be trained for bad they can also be trained for good. When put in the right hands Pit Bulls have been “nanny dogs” because of these same personality qualities and their gentleness around children.

Even though there is so much information disproving these myths against Pit Bull, many people still refuse to bring them into their homes. This is even more of a reason to share Hercules’ information on social media and make his story known. With euthanasia rates at 93 percent for Pit Bulls in kill shelters, there is no time to waste. This innocent animal deserves better than a life in a cage, and the only way we can help is to keep disproving the stigma.

If you know anyone who may be able to provide Hercules with a loving home, click here.