We all love a good-news story, and this video fits the bill perfectly! The six-minute clip follows the wonderful recovery of a former pound dog Scrappy, who was scheduled to be euthanized because of mange – a treatable condition which is not contagious to human beings – before Vet Ranch stepped in and rescued him.

At the beginning of the video, Scrappy is not in great shape. In addition to mange, his coat is riddled with blisters, scabs, and a bacterial infection – but this pup’s cheery, excitable personality still shines through!


By the end, this irrepressible dude is running through the grass, jumping for joy, and experiencing the kind of boundless joy that every animal deserves to have in their lives. Way to go, Scrappy! To find out more about Vet Ranch’s lifesaving work, and how you can help them, visit their YouTube channel or Facebook page.