For some reason, humans seem to think that we’re the only species capable of having compassion for others. But, time and time again, we’ve seen animals teach us that this is not the case. From mama cats adopting fuzzy ducklings to dogs parenting to a group of abandoned kittens it seems that when it comes to orphaned baby animals, love knows no species.

This story from Imgur featuring an abandoned kitten who was saved by an amazing Golden Retriever is another incredible example of interspecies loving.


“What is this smol fuzzy baby?”

“Hello, world, I am here and I am adorable.”

This little kitten went from abandoned by her mother…

…to safe, warm, and most of all, loved!

“Mom’s head is great for getting leverage for my stretches!” 


Arts and crafts is a very special bonding time for Mama Retriever and Fuzzy Baby. 

“I love you, mom! *muah*”

Aren’t they just so unbelievably cute??





Again, we can’t stress enough the levels of adorable that are achieved through this interspecies adoption and we hope that their pet parent continues to the chronicle their cuteness.


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All image source: Imgur