one green planet
one green planet

Here are the facts: industrialized animal agriculture is one of the major drivers of global climate change. In addition, factory farming occupies around half of the world’s arable land, uses a majority of our freshwater resources, AND is one of the largest drivers of global deforestation. Scientists are even warning that if rates of deforestation continue, the Amazon rainforest will reach a “point of no return” – largely, cattle ranching and soy plantations are responsible for this.

Even though we currently produce enough calories to feed 10-11 billion people worldwide, the majority of this food goes to feed livestock, not hungry people. And sadly, nearly one billion people currently suffer from hunger across the globe. The problem will continue to get worse unless we do something NOW. By just 2050, there will be an estimated 9.8 billion people on the planet and our resources are already under a massive strain.

With the world’s growing population, it’s estimated that we will need 50 percent more land to keep feeding our population cheap meat and dairy. Something must change…

A Simple Solution

The solution to this terrifying problem is simple and you can start TODAY. By opting for plant-based proteins instead of meat, you can help drive down demand and lessen the massive impact on the planet. For more impactful stats like these and to learn how you can help the environment with your food choices, check out the new #EatForThePlanet book.

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Lead Image Source: Farm Watch/Flickr