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Meet your new BFF: Frida the seven-year-old Labrador! This sweet girl (yes, named after painter Frida Kahlo) has become a social media sensation thanks to her work with the Mexican Navy’s Canine Unit to find people trapped under rubble caused by Mexico City’s recent devasting 7.1 earthquake.

While Frida is certainly a very good girl, many outlets have been exaggerating her tales of heroism, claiming she saved over 50 people from the most recent quake Mexico. In truth, Frida hasn’t found anyone from this most recent earthquake.

Over the course of her career, Frida has detected 52 people, 12 of them alive, in the rumble of various natural disasters. Just week weeks ago, Frida detected the body of a police officer in Juchitan after an earthquake hit the state of Oaxaca, according to the Los Angeles Times. Very impressive, Frida!

Fifteen dogs have been sent to Mexico City to help rescue survivors, as well as find the bodies of those who have died. Looking good, Ms. Frida! 

Despite the misleading reports of Frida’s tale, her work is no less valiant and important. One fan even suggested that the Mexican 500 Peso note be changed to honor Frida. We fully Support this idea! 

There are dozens of videos showing how Frida and her fellow dog heroes are trained. Go, Frida, go! 


Dogs have always been humans’ devoted companions. As our understanding of what dogs are truly capable of grows, these smart and lovable companions are helping humans in new and innovative ways. Whether it’s using their 220 million scent receptors to sniff out illness, assisting in rescuing people after a disaster or providing comfort to people during stressful times, dogs play an increasingly important role in keeping humans safe and helping save lives.

Dogs of all breeds work closely with human handlers to locate people trapped after earthquakes, floods, and other disasters. These hard-working canines also navigate their way through dense forests and snow-covered mountains, using scent to track missing people who might not otherwise be found. Dogs who serve on search and rescue teams have helped save countless lives. They are seen as heroes — as they should be — and, like their handlers, are honored when they retire or pass away.

Natural disasters can be difficult to predict, and animals can run away or get lost during the chaos. To prepare yourself and your pet in the case of a natural disaster, read these tips. And if you would like to help out animals affected by natural disasters, read this for ideas.

Thank you for your valiant efforts, Frida!

All image source: @arichooseslove/Twitter