There is nothing better than cuddling up with your four-legged best friends at naptime. While some people might think that cats are not the most friendly or affectionate pets, we know firsthand that cats can be top-notch snugglers. After all, our cats like to present an aloof facade at times, but deep down they’re really just big mush balls.

Bella and Bosco, the little kittens in this video, do not hesitate at all to curl up nice and close to their foster dad. These little guys are only two weeks old and since they don’t have a mother cat to nuzzle with, they are more than happy to cozy up with their human dad at naptime. Newborn kittens can’t regulate their body temperature, so cuddling is actually an important survival tactic.

We must say, that seeing these little cuties crawl onto their dad’s shoulders and make themselves right at home absolutely melts our hearts. Sleep well little kittens!

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