Did you know that in Thailand, there is a whole day devoted to celebrating elephants? On this great occasion, Elephant Haven, a former trekking camp that is now taking the saddles and chains off their elephants, thanks to a program with Elephant Nature Park, came up with a wonderful way to celebrate elephants!

A huge elephant buffet was set out for the animals to enjoy – and enjoy it they sure did! You can see the happy elephants munching away on the watermelons and wolfing down bananas in the video above. It would be hard to imagine a celebration more to their liking than that!

Because of Elephant Nature Park’s program, the elephants at this camp are being retired from working life. Now, they can enjoy their life in a safe and happy place, forgetting their difficult past. They are surrounded by people more than ready to show them their gratitude and pay them back for decades of hard work.

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