Meet Stormie, a little dog who is in agony after being shot.

Rescue Dogs Rock was notified of Stormie’s condition by a Good Samaritan who saw her while out walking his own dogs. He took Stormie home and called for Rescue Dogs Rock’s help, caring for her until the volunteers arrived.


Stormie was shot in the leg then left for dead in an abandoned field. This poor little girl was screaming in pain when she was found, and without this Good Samaritan’s help, she would certainly not be alive today. The video of her injury is very graphic: view at your own risk. There is a huge, gaping hole in her leg from the gunshot, and every time poor Stormie tries to wag her tail, probably to say thank you to her rescuers, blood comes pouring out.

Stormie is a beautiful, friendly dog, who is desperately still trying to stand despite her injury. She is in utter agony, and now that she has been checked over, it is clear that she has been continuously bred. Can you imagine a lifetime of nothing but having puppies and then being taking out and shot when she was no longer of use? The sheer horror we feel at what has been done to Stormie we can’t convey here, or understand how a person could be so cruel.

Stormie now needs surgery. She has lost an incredible amount of blood, and it isn’t even certain yet that her leg can be saved. But Rescue Dogs Rock is committed to doing everything it is possible to do for this little girl. We wish you well, Stormie, and hope justice is served on those who have done this to you.

Horror stories about the way dogs are dumped and abandoned when their families no longer want them to continue to break our hearts. Throwing them away like trash when they don’t fit in with our lifestyles or have outlived their cute stage, or usefulness, is about the most horrific thing we as pet lovers can imagine. There are too many stories like Stormie’s in the world; we want to see justice for every one of them, and this wave of cruelty to end.


Rescue Dogs Rock‘s mission is to raise awareness of the ever-growing plight of homeless animals in this country, both in shelters and those dumped on our streets. If you are able to help Rescue Dogs Rock continue their incredible work to help dogs like Stormie, please consider making a donation.

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