Getting a kid to eat a decent amount of fruits and vegetables is hard. Table tantrums, supermarket scenes, and straight refusal at meal time often leaves parents frustrated and sometimes there seems to be no other solution but to give in and let kids eat a less-than-ideal meal. Kids today see over 40,000 commercials a year, and with advertisers spending over $12 billion each year trying to reach the youth market, you can bet that TV time is saturated with junk food commercials, often with their favorite cartoon characters as the ambassadors. In comparison to a sunglasses-clad cheetah offering puffed cheese sticks, a broccoli floret looks like a joke. Dr. Praeger’s, a company that has established itself primarily as a veggie patty expert, is hoping to change this view on vegetables, and has extended their line to now appeal to the pickiest of eaters, children.

The company has debuted two new flavors for their kid-friendly product line “Littles” and now offer: Spinach, Kale, and Sweet Potato.

The three products come in that familiar dino shape often used for chicken nuggets, and with three grams of protein and three grams of fiber per serving, is a much healthier choice. 


Their decision to make the vegetables in these bites visible as opposed to processing them into beige molds, proves you don’t have to hide the fact that these foods are made from vegetables for kids to eat them!


Additionally, Dr. Praeger’s has a line of tater-tot-shaped products called “Puffs” that allows vegetables to be consumed in a fun, familiar, and dip-able way. For now, Dr. Praeger’s has released puffs in three flavors: carrot, tarro, and kale. Kids can feel like they’re having an indulgent snack, and dip them into all of their favorite condiments, while still receiving an adequate amount of nutrients, protein, and fiber.

The fact that parents would like to give their kids nutrient-packed foods makes this type of marketing ingenious. Parents walking down grocery aisles want to instantly know that what products are healthy, and just as importantly, feel confident that their kids will eat it. With kid-friendly marketing not only will this be an easier feat for parents, but there’s a good chance children may pick products branded like this out themselves, and unlike so many of the other items children gravitate towards in the supermarket, it won’t need to get plucked out of the shopping cart later on!

Considering childhood obesity in the U.S has tripled in the past 30 years, getting kids to eat healthy food is not just a way to have smoother dinners, it’s tackling a larger scale problem. As children get older and start venturing out on their own into a fast-food and convenience store-driven world, they will make better decisions if they have a healthy upbringing where nutrition is just as important as flavor. Hopefully, other companies will begin to follow suit, and make the prevalent problem of childhood obesity even easier for parents to tackle.


All Image Source: Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods/ Facebook