If you needed more evidence that eating a plant-based diet does a body good, here’s a piece of news: an 88-year-old vegan just climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. That’s right, an 88-year-old man! We struggle with taking the stairs instead of the elevator and this man just climbed an entire mountain!

Colorado resident Fred Distelhorst, who is, correctly put, 88-years-young, is not the only vegan to do something as impressive as this — vegans have climbed Mt. Everest and a 105-year-old vegan man broke a cycling record — but we’re still in awe. More and more they prove that eschewing meat does not make you weaker or nutritionally deficient, as big food business would like people to believe.

VegNews reports, “Distelhorst climbed the mountain with his 22-year-old granddaughter Ellen Edgerton, who launched a fundraising campaign in conjunction with the climb to benefit orphanages for children with AIDS in Kenya.” This incredible feat is being reviewed by Guinness World Records to determine if he is indeed the oldest person to conquer the mountain.

More and more people are seeing choosing plant-based for what it is: a healthy choice. Loading up on whole foods, like legumes, greens, unprocessed grains, and nuts and seeds, can easily help you meet all your nutritional needs, and you might even find that you have more energy and a higher stamina than you did before.

In fact, if you’re an athlete, eating plant-based can help you thrive and reach new heights — though maybe not the literal heights that Distelhorst reached. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain!

After climbing one of the world’s highest peaks, Distelhorst said, “I think I’m in pretty good shape even though I’m a little old guy.” Pretty good shape? That’s the understatement of the century. Keep living well, Fred, and keep climbing those mountains.

Lead image source: Stig Nygaard/Flickr