The more we learn about orcas, the more it seems that holding them captive in marine parks is one of the cruelest fates we could sentence them too. Orcas are highly intelligent beings with cognitive and emotional abilities that are on par with those of human beings. Sentencing them to a life swimming around a tank that is equivalent in size to a fish bowl, causes orcas extreme distress, which we now thoroughly understand thanks to the documentary, Blackfish

Lolita, the orca whale, has been living in captivity for 44 years. She has been held, all alone at Miami Seaquarium for 34 of those 44 years … in the smallest orca tank in the country. Because she was captured from the wild, many organizations have been rallying to have Lolita released back to her home in the Puget Sound to live out her days with her mother and the rest of her pod. Orca Network has developed a full plan for Lolita’s retirement and release and has even attempted to grant Lolita special endangered species status with the help of PETA and ALDF.


Yet, to this day, Lolita remains in solitary confinement, circling her small tank in anguish. You can help this poor whale by sharing this video and encouraging others to boycott the Miami Seaquarium. Check out the Save Lolita website for more information on what you can do.