While we hold great respect for many cultural traditions around the world, the practice of eating dog meat, which is considered a tradition in several Asian countries, is one we cannot allow to endure. Because of this so-called “tradition,” our four-legged best friends are kept in pitiful conditions until they are brutally slaughtered in the most disturbing of ways.

So, it came as a great relief to hear that Humane Society International (HSI) successfully rescued 200 dogs from a commercial dog farm in South Korea, sparing them this horrendous fate.


The 200 dogs were rescued from filthy cages at this South Korean dog meat farm.

The rescues included dogs of all breeds and sizes, many of which had been stolen from lives as family pets.

The sense of relief these dogs emanated was palpable as they realized they were finally in the arms of good people.

One by one, the dogs were transferred into individual kennels in preparation to leave this vile farm of doom.

HSI volunteers comforted the new rescues who were no doubt fearful and startled by all that they had recently witnessed and endured.

The dogs were then loaded up and transported away from this terrible place.

Just like our own pets, these dogs want nothing more than the love and security of a good home.

And they were more than ready to leave this place for good.

Eight of the rescued pups have since made it to All Dogs Matter in the UK, where they now await loving homes where they can live out their lives as the pets they were meant to be.



If you’re interested in adopting one of these dogs, you can apply online here.

HSI confirms that the dog meat farm from which these dogs were rescued is now permanently closed. We’re happy to report that this is not the first establishment of the dog meat trade to go down, and it’s incredibly important that it also not be the last.


We must keep fighting hard for all of the innocent dogs who stand in harm’s way as a result of the dog meat industry, and you can help by signing this petition and by sharing this post to make more people aware that these places exist.

As awareness grows, more people are stepping up to stop this monstrous act of cruelty, and protests are even starting to take place directly within the region. This is a welcome step in the right direction, but we still have much to do before all dogs are free of this gruesome fate. Please consider also donating to HSI, which uses these funds to lobby for better laws, to support local Chinese partners in intercepting dog meat traders’ trucks, to care for confiscated animals, to help dog meat farmers transition to humane livelihoods, and much more.

Photo credit: HSI / Facebook