Puppy mills and animal hoarders force innocent animals to live in deplorable unhygienic and overcrowded environments with little to no care for their health and well-being. Guardians of Rescue, a non-profit animal welfare and rescue organization in Smithtown, New York, recently came across a disturbing scene where over 100 dogs were living in a filthy home with no quality of life. These dogs were set to be euthanized, but Guardians of Rescue could not let that happen.

This is the scene rescuers encountered at the residence — filth and disarray, misery and chaos. 


These adorable pups are being called the Holiday Hundred and are spreading good cheer and joy to all who meet them — way too cute!

Thankfully, this sweet little guy is finally in good care and can begin to live a healthy life full of hope and love.




A lot has to be done to take care of all these dogs, including vaccinations, dental care, and spaying and neutering. If you are able to donate to these efforts or are curious about adoption, you can visit the Guardians of Rescue Facebook page.

This story is a prime example of why adoption is so valuable and saves lives. Every single day, 5,500 animals like these adorable puppies are euthanized in shelters across America, often for no reason other than there is not enough space to keep them all. Adoption and fostering are wonderful ways in which animal lovers can help be a part of the solution and save lives.

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All Image Source: Guardians of Rescue/Facebook