Does your dog go to any extremes to retrieve a toy? Well, you haven’t seen extreme until you see these incredible still photos of dogs in action. When you even pick up a toy around your dog you can see the goofy grin start to form on their faces, but the face we don’t often see is the one of sheer focus and determination that appears when the dog is inches away from capturing the elusive squeeky toy.

In his collection, “Dogs Under Water,” photographer Seth Casteel captures that very moment…except with the twist that it all happens under water. Sounds amazing right?

Casteel is also the author of the best selling photography book, “Underwater Dogs” and will be releasing “Underwater Puppies” in September. So, keep you eyes peeled for that treat. Casteel also runs a non-profit campaign, “One Picture Saves Lives, ” that is helping to transform the perception of rescue animals and the adoption process through positive photography.

Check out the incredible photos Casteel has compiled in “Dogs Under Water” below, if you thought stills of soggy dogs were great, you will lose it laughing at these pups.

So close, but so far!

I got it! I got it!

Where am I…BALL!

Falling, nooo!

Lochte dog, chyeah! 

Look out for the Great White dog! 

Hits water and morphs into Monster Dog.

Nirvana’s new album cover sure is weird…

I’m stuck!

I’ve swallowed so much water!

Oh hey fuzzy ball, you feel like a swim too?

We found El Chupacabra…he’s in your pool


All image source: Seth Casteel