“It’s bath-bath time!” To the ears of many dogs, this phrase is almost worse than the sound of emergency sirens blaring by, sending a water-hating dog into a temporary howling frenzy. This is not to say that all dogs hate baths or water; some jump at the chance to become a living sponge and actual do enjoy a good soaking! The love-hate relationship between canines and water is epic.

Dogs are known to leap right on in to all sorts of water sources, unlike cats, happily shaking water from their fur as jowls slap side to side — doggie drool optional! But what happens when your buddy does not quite enjoy being in the water or wet in general…like, he REALLY doesn’t like it? You take a picture to show your friends how cute the furry guy is at bath time, of course!


So while one dog loves getting a nice soapy bath, another is just sitting there all wet, scraggly looking, and not at all thrilled. But before you see it for yourself in the photos below, keep in mind that some of the dogs may appear as though they are being tortured, which we promise is definitely not the case!

Dog parents will find the photos totally relatable. They are priceless and will leave you wondering what each dog is thinking. And, it will take just a glance to know the pouty and questioning expressions scream serious betrayal! Which ones do you think are plotting revenge?

Now, without further ado, we present to you a series of soggy doggie portraits by photographer Sophie Gamand titled “Wet Dog.” Smile on!

To see more of Garmand’s photography, check out her website (you can also purchase prints!).


All images: Sophia Gamand