Being a pet guardian is more than just fun and games. While caring for an animal can be tons of fun and filled with endless rewards, it also requires commitment and responsibility. Our pets come to rely on us for everything from food and water to love and attention. Although there are many amazing animal guardians in the world who will go to all lengths to care for their fur-babies, some are just not able to keep up the responsibility of caring for an animal.

The sad fact is that between seven and twenty percent of animals in shelters were abandoned by their guardians after only SIX months! When you consider the fact that there are around 70 million stray animals in the U.S., this rate of abandonment should not be taken lightly.


This video goes past the statistics surrounding pet abandonment, giving a dog’s perspective after being abandoned by his guardians. It is heartbreaking to watch, but this dog’s story tells a tale that all animal guardians need to hear. When you choose to adopt an animal into your home, it is a lifelong commitment. No dog deserves to have their hearts broken by irresponsible guardians.