The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is asking for the public’s help in stopping cruel animal experiments at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

The petition on Care2 states that Wayne State University conducts ongoing fatal heart failure experiments on dogs. After surgical devices are implanted within the dogs, they are forced to run on treadmills while heart failure is artificially induced. Many dogs succumb to the cruelty of the test and tragically die as a result, and those who survive are soon euthanized after their use in the experiment is deemed complete.

According to the petition, these experiments have been going on for twenty years, without any results that have led to advancements in medicine and healthcare. PCRM explains that animal-free human-based testing is far more effective in identifying the causes, treatment, and prevention of heart failure, so why is this still going on?

Please take a quick moment to sign this petition addressed to Wayne State’s President, Dr. M. Roy Wilson, requesting that he put an end to the university’s unbelievably cruel animal experiments, and urge them to switch to humane scientific methods in their research. Public opinion can ignite change, so please be sure to spread the word and share this with your network!

Image source: Jamilya13/Shutterstock