Nana is a gorgeous seven-year-young American Bulldog who was found as a stray in Miami back in April 2017. Even though Nana is extremely friendly, great with kids and other dogs, she was waiting for her forever family at Miami-Dade Animal Services for a while.

One day, a mother and her young son were at the Miami-Dade Animal Services looking to adopt a dog and when the boy fell in love with Nana and said he wanted her, his mom said Nana was too old. But the story somehow gets even sadder…


According to the shelter volunteer, Christina Mignon Pino, Nana spent the rest of her day staring at the wall. She looked sad and defeated as if she knew exactly what the mother had said to her son.


At just seven years old, Nana still has TONS of unconditional love to give. And someone must have known that because we have good news to share about Nana! Christina Mignon Pino happily shares that Nana has been adopted! Go, Nana, go!

Unfortunately, not all dogs share Nana’s happy ending. Most adopters are looking for puppies or young adults, so senior dogs are typically the last to be adopted and the first to fall victim to euthanasia at shelters. According to most vets, a dog falls into the “senior” category at around seven years old (though this changes depending on the size of the dog). But we know age is just a number. There are many substantial benefits to bringing a more mature dog into your home as compared to a bouncing puppy.


If you are interested in adopting a senior dog, you will have no problem finding one that will work perfectly with your family. There are also rescues specifically dedicated to arranging the adoption of older dogs. The Grey Muzzle Organization, Muttville, and others across the nation have senior dogs waiting for someone with an open heart and comfy couch. Petfinder also has an option to view adoptable seniors in your area.

Please always spay and neuter your pets and urge your friends and family to do the same. For more ways on how you can get involved to help save animals, click here.

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Image source: Christina Mignon Pino/Facebook