A camera, your best friends, a boat, a dog, and the open ocean with more friends waiting. Put all of these things together and what do you get? A smile worthy video featuring one super excited dog leaping off a boat to go play in the ocean with dolphins, of course! You would think when the dolphins saw four furry legs pop into the water they would take off swimming, but these magnificent water-dwelling creatures appear to not get enough of this unusual playtime.

In this fun little video, watch as a group of people and a dog set out for a wet and wild time on the calm ocean to meet with some dolphin friends. The dolphins appear intrigued with the black fur covered dolphin and human that just jumped in to greet them. Water fun play comes so naturally to this odd group of friends!


No wonder dolphins are usually cool with other species — they are one of the most intelligent animal species on the planet, they are also more trusting than most. These smarts show when they get into situations requiring thumbs, so they either seek out human assistance and accept help when it comes. Such as in the unfortunate event when a free-roaming dolphin gets caught up in discarded fishing lines and hooks or become entangled in trash floating in the oceans.

Image source: Dave Goodman/Flickr