Like humans, some land animals love the water — so much so, that they find every chance they can to hit the water, dive into the ocean, or just paddle around in a makeshift pool in their backyard.

Even cats, who are known to despise water, can enjoy the properties of this liquid — just check out Neo the swimming cat! He’s an orange cat living in Indonesia, who gets to swim all the time. It seems like this kitty is living the good life. Speaking of the good life, check out big cat Zabu, a rescued white tiger, enjoy the pond at Big Cat Rescue.


Then, there are those animals who we already know love water (for the most part): Dogs! With water slides and pool games, these swimming dogs show us how to enjoy the simple things in life. And if you like to just stand and relax in the pool, here’s a dog that likes to do the same.

In the video above, watch as sloths enjoy the water! Although sloths are known for their slow, lazy moves on land, they can travel about three times faster in water, according to the video. They can also hold their breath for up to 40 minutes! The informative video also informs you on why it’s not ideal for you to pick up a swimming sloth, even if you’re looking out for their best interest.

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Image source: Know Malta/Flickr