There are too many sad animal stories in the world. This fact makes it all the more special when you get to those heartwarming stories of hard work and triumph. Guardians of Rescue are thrilled to report that Colt, a dog they rescued who had been STABBED in the chest, has been adopted!

Despite all that he endured, being so viciously hurt, his heart and kindness never wavered.


Guardians of Rescue found Colt, abandoned and injured, in Redland, Florida. He needed emergency surgery to deal with the stab wound on his chest.

Some awful human, somewhere, hurt Colt, badly. Yet this sweet dog held no grudges. To him, everyone was still a friend. Colt has the kind of heart only a dog can have.



Thanks to Guardians of Rescue, Colt now has a wonderful, loving, forever home where he will never have to worry about alone or injured every again. This is the happy ending he deserved and the happy ending that Guardians of Rescue deserve to see, for all their hard work.

There are tons of dogs out there, like Colt, who still need help. With your support, Guardians of Rescue can work hard to help them as well, to give them their own happy endings. Please donate to them here and be sure to designate to Florida Campaign


Lead image source: Guardians of Rescue/Facebook