The age old myth that dogs and cats don’t get along is being laid to rest thanks to the wonder of the Internet. Every day we see adorable videos and sweet pictures of dogs adopting cats, cats and dogs snuggling, and the occasional cat boop-ing a dog on the nose. It turns out that dogs and cats often put their differences aside and embrace their interspecies siblings. Sometimes the realization that they actually love one another doesn’t take very long!

This is the case with Lennon and Figaro. Figaro the kitten was found on the street in rough shape. Thankfully, after some vet care, he was as good as new and ready to go home with his new family. Little did this adorable, tiny kitten know he would be going home to a big brother boxer, Lennon. Before Fiagro’s arrival, Lennon waited in eager anticipation for his new sibling, and when they finally met, their bond was forged immediately.

Without hesitation, Figaro walks up to his brother and begins purring and loving him with all his little kitten might! Lennon is totally okay with the love, and showers his new little brother in kisses.

It looks like this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Figaro and Lennon are battling stereotypes, and are a great example of a dog-cat, best-friend duo!