Earlier this year, we shared the story of a dog taken in by Trio Animal Foundation, and his story was nothing short of heartbreaking. Charlie was hung by his neck and had an acidic solvent thrown on his body. Medical treatment was started and Trio Animal Foundation was called in to take over. Up until the second week of January 2018, Charlie was undergoing burn treatment and was introduced to one of Trio’s therapy dogs, Hazel Grace, another burn survivor as part of his recovery. And the awesome news is… Charlie was adopted!

Charlie now has a loving family to call his own! 


His new family will have to apply sunscreen and a sun shirt during warm months and a soft fleece pullover in the cold months to help protect his sensitive skin. 

But Charlie’s new family is up to the task and will ensure he gets all of the care and love he needs!

Charlie and his new dog brother have already taken to each other. So sweet!

Charlie even got in on the selfie trend with his new human siblings!

Congratulations on your happy ending, Charlie! 


“To Charlie’s new family, you are selfless and wonderful human beings. May you have many years of good health and happiness with your new boy,” Trio shared on Facebook.

With over 70 million homeless dogs and cats wandering the streets in the U.S., we could all stand to do a lot more to ensure the lucky animals who make it to shelters get their happy ending too. If you’re considering welcoming a four-legged companion into your home, please always adopt and never shop. If you’re unable to adopt, animal shelters could always use more volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, so be sure check out our guide to volunteering!

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Image Source: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook